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Commissioned watercolor portraits can be challenging, trying, stressful and a lot of other adjectives, but they are guaranteed sales and as such are welcomed by the artist.

Often he works from your photos so he's eager to educate people on the proper way to photograph your children. DO NOT USE A FLASH! That's the #1 no-no. Use natural light, whenever possible, and let the subjects be relaxed and not seriously posed.

Pricing for portraits:
  • Single 11" x 15" $300
  • Single 15" x 22" $400
  • Single 30" x 22" $600
  • Additional figures, add $100 each

If you are considering such a purchase, please contact George for more information on this subject.

Little Boy Blue thumbnail

“Little Boy Blue”

Peter and Katie thumbnail

“Peter and Katie”

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Sandy thumbnail


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Stuart thumbnail


Adam thumbnail


King Kids thumbnail

“The King Kids”

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