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     The watercolors displayed on this website are paintings created by George of Zien Studio in Sequim, WA. They represent just a sampling of his portfolio, so please browse, bookmark the site, and return at your leisure.

     The portraits have all been commissioned and are not for sale as they are hanging in the homes of the purchasers. They are displayed here to demonstrate the many facets of George's artistry.

     Entering the art arena as a senior citizen brings blessings and curses, the results of which you can probably imagine in indescribable terms. Suffice it to say that the former far exceed the later. Since moving to Washington State and building the studio, George has found a heightened interest in drawing which has created a new awareness of lines, shadows and subtle shades in his portraits ‑ opening challenges and delights new to him.

     As always, family and friends have been a great source of support and encouragement (and purchase), and he acknowledges the impact they've made on his success with grateful thanks.

“The life so short, the craft so long to learn.”
Hippocrates c. 460-357 B.C.
Aphorisms, I.i. trans. by Chaucer


Indian Village abstract title=

“Indian Village”

Zien Studio
Sequim, Washington

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The graphical depictions of the paintings created by George Zien on this site are protected by copyright laws. You may not capture, reproduce, or reuse them without his written permission.

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